I’m trying to wrap my head around the latest update to Entity Framework 4.1. I’m trying to use Code First to create an object model that will map successfully to an existing database.

So far I think it will work for my needs and I’m pretty sure it will be easier to program against since I can use Linq to Entities to query. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to make it work for what I need. So I’m tring to figure out Complex Types, but like everything I think I’m making it more complicated that it really is. I need to nest my complex types, but specify the column names. I’m guessing I can do that with the Fluent API via the entity that is using it as a property. See below.

public class Complaint
   public int ComplaintID {get; set;}
   public Location Location {get; set;}
public class Location
   public string County {get; set;}
   public decimal? Latitude {get; set;}
   public decimal? Longitude {get; set;}
   public Address Address {get; set;}
public class Address
   public string Street {get; set;}
   public string City {get; set;}
   public string ZipCode {get; set;}

In the context, I would define the column as such:


Is this the way to handle this? If someone sees this and can tell me if/where I’m wrong, please feel free to comment. I really would love to make this work. I would like to eventually use this model instead of the edmx or sqlDataSource I’m currently using. This model would be backing 2 projects (wpf desktop app and asp.net). And once I get this model figured out, I can do the same for a few other projects I’ve got.

I will have a lot of work to do but I think it will be easier to code against once all this work is done.

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