The Pool

We got the pool up and working. It still leans slightly to the same side…we didn’t get enough lift on the ground, but it’s doable and won’t topple over like it was threatening to last weekend.

We got to spend a few hours in it Saturday before heading out to the river with friends. We got caught in a thunderstorm on the way back to the dock, but fortunately made it back safely befor e the worst of the storm hit.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon shopping. I got some new Tivas which I needed and we got a really nice knife set, which we also needed. Came home and DH cooked me a birthday dinner and baked me a cake. He also did the laundry and the dishes.

It was a nice day and weekend.

Swimming Adventure

This weekend we got a pool; those round bubbly ones that rise as you fill them with water. Great pool. I love it. It was sort of a birthday present, because my DH read that swimming relieves the discomfort of the extra weight I’m carrying around right now. Nice of him to do that for me. The problem is, after we got it set up and filled, we noticed that the ground underneath was not level. So it was sloping to one side. Overnight it got worse and we knew it would be a matter of time before the whole thing toppled over. So we had to drain 2800 gallons of water, let it dry and fold it and put it away till DH can get out there and dig out some ground to make it level.😦 So it will be a week or two before I can truly enjoy my new pool.

Baby Kicks

I was able to feel Amelia’s kicks from the outside for the first time last night. I wasn’t sure that was what I was feeling at first so I waited and sure enough, she did it again. It was so cool. Of course, when DH put his hand on my belly she didn’t do it again. I guess she is already trying to be daddy’s little girl and not kick him. But he did feel her moving (for the first time) and it was so cute because it was tickling his finger. I guess she was tickling back because he’s always “tickling her,” via my belly of course! it was just great that he finally got to feel her move.

Oh yeah, we also got the nursery mostly set up. It looks so adorable. Click the pic to view a larger version.

The Nursery

We still have to get the glider from my grandma and get a hamper and some organizers, but it’s mostly finished. Which I guess will be a good thing when I hit the 3rd trimester.🙂


We found out today we’re having a little girl. Her name is Amelia Suzanne and she’s adorable.

We are both so excited. I don’t have pics to post yet. Trying to get them scanned in. But I’ll post one as soon as it’s available.