Dreams in Pregnancy

I actually haven’t had too many dreams involving my pregnancy that I can recall. I remember one from this weekend though. I had a stethescope and was trying to hear Amelia’s heartbeat. I heard her heartbeat, then my husband pulled the stethescope away from my belly and I could still hear it.

Most of my dreams (that I can remember the next morning) seem to be regular dreams, with one change. I’m usually pregnant in the dream and it is mentioned in some way. But they don’t actually pertain to my pregnancy…they are about something else.

Of course the one I had last night could have something to do with my pregnancy even though it doesn’t seem to. I dreamt that my husband had rearranged the bedroom closet. Like redid the shelving to maximize the space and had organized the clothes that hung in there in a particular way. Another dream I remember is waking up on a work day early (like 5:30 or 6am) and seeing him outside with a chainsaw and his workhorses cutting some wood for a project. Could these dreams relate to my nesting phase…dreaming about my husband nesting? LOL!


I sure hope my husband comes through with his talk of helping out around the house more. I’m going to need it. I did a little vacuuming in the dining room and kitchen just now and my back is hurting like crazy. Won’t be vacuuming much from now till well after Amelia gets here. If my husband doesn’t help, my house is going to become a pig sty pretty quick! Even when my nesting phase kicks in, I still won’t be able to do as much as I want.😦 Ugh!

Pool Maintenance

I don’t think my husband realized when we got our pool that it would take work to keep it maintained. I think he might have been thinking that all he had to do was put water in it, a few chlorine tablets and be done. Not so.

It’s been so extremely hot, it’s been hard to keep the algae from blooming. Our pool right now is extremely green and I cleaned it out last weekend. But the chemicals I used didn’t do anything. He’s ready to take it down (it’s an above-ground vinyl pool), but I want to enjoy it. He doesn’t want me to spend more money on it, but if I want to swim (which we bought it so I could get in and take the weight off), I have to buy the chemicals to at least try to get it balanced and clean. I really want to be able to get it in when I feel like it, but it’s yucky.

So I went out and bought some stuff and I’m praying that it helps. If not, I’m not sure what else I can do except to drain it (or at least most of it) and refill it. If it comes to that I know my husband won’t want to put more water in it.

I just don’t know how to deal with him. It makes me sad that he is willing to take it down and not bother after he was so gung ho about getting it so I could take the weight off. And now he’s not willing to take the time to maintain it. I’m the one getting out there trying to get it balanced. I hope I can enjoy it a few more times this summer, before the baby comes. I know it will help, especially as we get into August and September, supposedly the hottest months of summer.

Braxton Hicks

Today, I felt my first official true BH contractions. I’ve had several occassions where I feel areas of my stomach tighten up, but today it was different. My entire stomach tightened up and it was quite uncomfortable. Even my back was hurting. Wow! At first I didn’t quite know what was going on. Then it dawned on me and I was like, “OH! That’s what’s happening.”


I’ve been working on some customizations to my Textpattern installation. I’ve installed a plugin that allows for more than the default 2 categories. I like using multiple categories over tags. If you click on a category link, you’ll be taken to a page that shows all the posts for that category.

I also found some instructions at Jon Hicks’ website for putting del.icio.us links in the sidebar. I think there is a plugin for this, but I used his instructions and it was pretty easy. I may look into the plugin at some point for future reference, as I hope to someday in the near future redesign the site. I just have to decide how I want the layout and look to be.