Dreams in Pregnancy

I actually haven’t had too many dreams involving my pregnancy that I can recall. I remember one from this weekend though. I had a stethescope and was trying to hear Amelia’s heartbeat. I heard her heartbeat, then my husband pulled the stethescope away from my belly and I could still hear it.

Most of my dreams (that I can remember the next morning) seem to be regular dreams, with one change. I’m usually pregnant in the dream and it is mentioned in some way. But they don’t actually pertain to my pregnancy…they are about something else.

Of course the one I had last night could have something to do with my pregnancy even though it doesn’t seem to. I dreamt that my husband had rearranged the bedroom closet. Like redid the shelving to maximize the space and had organized the clothes that hung in there in a particular way. Another dream I remember is waking up on a work day early (like 5:30 or 6am) and seeing him outside with a chainsaw and his workhorses cutting some wood for a project. Could these dreams relate to my nesting phase…dreaming about my husband nesting? LOL!

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