Fashion Upgrade

I’m trying to slowly build up my wardrobe to a more dressy but casual style, rather than all casual. Basically, more dresses (summer-y type), more blouses and less t-shirts. I don’t have many jeans so that’s not an issue.

But since I had Amelia, my hormones are so screwed up that I’m now hot natured. I used to be cold all the time, so I lived in sweaters. Between basic hormone changes and my cholesterol medication, I’m always hot. So I have half a closet full of sweaters and sweatshirts that I’ll never wear again. I much prefer wearing long sleeved cotton shirts and a cardigan rather than a pullover. Easier to have the layers that are removable for when my body temperature changes.

So I’ll be clearing out my closet of winter clothes that will never be worn again and trying to make room for newer more stylish clothing that I can wear to work or just for hanging out. I also want to get more cuter shoes. Surprisingly, I don’t have that many shoes that I wear. I tend to stick to a few staple shoes that will go with most of my outfits and I’m finding that I like the slightly healed slip-on sandals.

I think for too long, I’ve just let the clothing slide in favor of easier shopping items (yarn and books). Or stuff for Amelia. It’s much easier to buy her clothes (it all fits her usually). Where I go to buy clothes for myself and about 2% of what I try on fits. It’s very frustrating, but I think I need to do it for myself.

A wardrobe upgrade. It’s about time. But I know it can’t happen overnight. I’m going to try to get one or two outfits with each paycheck. I know I can afford it, if I don’t waste the money on other junk (like eating out too much or getting knitting/spinning stuff, which I don’t really need anymore of right now). So we’ll see how it goes. And I’m hoping to not shop the discount stores. All the department stores seem to be having sales all the time (at least every time I go in there), so why not take advantage of it and see what they have to offer.

Spunky Wishlist

I’m starting my Spunky wishlist so that I can keep track of what colorways I want to play with. Pretty much all of them really, but the ones that really catch my attention will be documented here so I won’t forget.

  • Aspen
  • Estuary (BFL)
  • Riverwalk
  • Castaway
  • Dinosaur
  • Harvest
  • Walkabout
  • Neopolitan
  • Forecast
  • Nova Scotia
  • Brain Freeze
  • Lichen (BFL)
  • Route 66
  • Winnepeg
  • Toronto

I’ve already purchased BFL in Thin Ice, Shetland in Sangria and Corriedale in the color of the month, Joshua Tree, which I’ve always been fond of. Plus I’m currently spinning Galaxy BFL in Earth.

How Tall??!!

According to one of those growth charts, I put in Amelia’s stats and based on the info I input it says she will be 5’9″ tall at age 18! I seriously doubt she will be that tall. None of the women in my family are that tall. Even Eric’s family that has fairly tall women, none of them are that tall.

It’s craziness!

Spinning Anniversary

Last year in April, I learned to spin on a CD spindle. Shortly thereafter, I bought two new spindles (much lighter and the spinning fever began). A month later, I was gifted with a Mahogany Kromski Prelude by my wonderful husband as a Mother’s Day present. It’s been a year of learning and finally I feel I can say I really am a spinner. It’s been one year since I started spinning and one year since I received my wheel.

I’m celebrating my spinning anniversary by adding a few accessories to my wheel. I ordered a WooLee Winder and extra bobbins today for it.🙂 I’ve been reading so many raves for the WW and when I’m spinning I get so into the process that I forget to stop and move the yarn from hook to hook. Also, when spinning fine yarns, no matter how often I change hooks, the yarn still doesn’t wind on evenly because of the spacing of the hooks. Sure, I could add more hooks, but then I’m still having to stop. I’m looking forward to learning to use my WW so I can really get into my spinning and not have to worry about losing my rhythm because I’m constantly changing hooks.

Hopefully it won’t take too long for my new toy to arrive. I guess in the meantime I definitely need to finish the yarn I’m working on, so that I’m ready to play when it gets here.

Have It Your Way

You can. Or so all those fast food places claim. And most of the time I do end up “customizing” my order. No pickles, hold the onion, add cheese, etc. But it’s nice to be able to walk into a place and just order up the item on the menu without having to change it. This is the nice thing about going to Burger King. I order the chicken sandwich. It comes with lettuce and mayo, which is fine by me. So I just tell them I want the #9 value meal, or combo or whatever they call it. Nice and simple. No confusion.

Whenever I go to Wendy’s I have to order it with no POT (pickles, onions or tomatoes).  At McDonald’s I say “only ketchup”, because I hate that their onions are tiny little pieces that can’t be picked off a sandwich. At Arby’s I could order the roast beef straight up, but a girl’s gotta have her cheese, so I have to order it with cheese or get a cup of cheddar on the side and add it myself.

At Burger King, it’s already the way I like it, so there’s no fuss, no confusion, no praying they get it right, because it’s not the usual way. It’s so much easier and the person behind the counter ringing up my order tends to be much friendlier when I don’t start changing how my sandwich is made.

If only they were always as nice and friendly as they are on the commercials.