Good Parent, Bad Parent

For the longest time my daughter was so clingy to me, she wanted nothing to do with my husband. She refused to give him hugs, cuddles or good-night kisses. When there was something she needed, daddy couldn’t help. Mommy had to be the one. I felt bad and tried to encourage her to let daddy help. But I also knew that it was a phase and eventually she would want him instead of me.

I think that it is slowing happening. She cries when he leaves for work. She gets super upset when she doesn’t wake up in time to give him a hug and a kiss before he leaves (he has to be at work at 6am). She wants daddy to help with stuff. And I’m totally fine with all that. What really bothers me though is that she has started refusing to do what I tell her. This is very frustrating. Bedtime is a nightmare because she just doesn’t listen, unless her daddy gets involved. But it’s not just bedtime. It’s everything. She even hits me when she gets mad. I’m trying to hard to have more patience and not yell, but sometimes it’s so hard when she just completely ignores me.

This too shall pass, but I feel like I’m now the bad parent, when not too long ago, I was the good parent who could do no wrong.

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