My Calendar Has Never Been So Full

I forget everything! So in order to remember what needs to be done, I make myself reminders. What’s really sad is that I’ve tried to use the new reminders app on my phone, because I can tell it to remind me at a certain time or day, but I always either ignore the reminder or plain don’t hear/see it. That’s how bad I am at remembering stuff.

So when my daughter started school, the calendar was flooded with activities. I am almost obsessive with making sure every event is marked. It doesn’t even matter if we can’t attend, it still gets added.

I don’t know how I’d mange without a calendar. I always thought that I wouldn’t be one of those moms that needed a daily planner. Sheesh! I only have one kid. What do I need a planner for. It’s not like we have a bustle of activity like some families who have 2 or 3 kids that are older and in around after school activities.

But I guess my time has come. Our calendar has never been so full of reminders, due dates, school activities, etc.

I can only imagine how much busier our calendar will be as she gets older.

Are you a daily planner mom? Did you ever think you wouldn’t be?

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