Diversity at school

Because our local public school system is sub-par, many parents send their child to private school. Private school is the norm here now. But something I’ve noticed here that I don’t remember seeing in school when I was a child is the racial split. Most of the schools are very much dominant of one race. There isn’t much diversity. But we took a tour of the academic magnet school (our daughter will be starting kindergarten in August), which is part of the public school system and seeing the kids in the hallways and peeking in classrooms, I was amazed and very pleased at how diverse it is. That is one of the things I like most about the magnet school. Not just that it won’t cost us a fortune in tuition, being a public school, but the diversity that I saw just doesn’t exist in the regular public schools. And I’m sure it probably doesn’t exist in the private school either. I grew up in a school that was very much ethnically diverse and I pray my daughter gets accepted to this magnet program so she can experience that same diversity.