In the Age of eBanking…I’m Still Writing Checks?!

Who writes checks anymore? All my bills can be paid online. Every store and fast food chain accepts credit and debit cards. It’s rare to see someone write a check.

With all the options for electronic and online banking, checks are becoming a thing of the past. Right?

Not so much. At least not for me.

Since Amelia started school, I’ve never written so many checks in my life. I can easily write 3-5 checks a week now! They are constantly asking for money for something. Even before school started, I was writing more checks than my pen could handle.

I think I wrote 4 checks in one night at registration. This week, I’ve written 3 checks already and I’ve still got a few more to write for various things. Field trips, school lunch orders, book fair order, classroom donations, fundraisers, school pictures…it’s endless.

And we’re only one month into the school year! At this rate, I’ll burn through my book of checks before spring!

Are you still writing checks?

How I'd Give Away $1 Million


It depends on how I have to give it away. I’d love to give some to my parents and of course I’d want to set up a trust for my daughter so she would be financially secure when she gets older. But I’d also want to donate to several charities. Since I was a preemie myself, I’m fond of the March of Dimes. I also would want to help end childhood hunger.

My daughter recently started reading and it has opened my eyes to how much of our daily lives requires knowing how to read and we do it without even beIng aware of it. I can’t imagine what she goes through not being able to read. So I think I would want to help the literacy campaign.

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Angel Eyes

Cover of "Angel Eyes"

Cover of Angel Eyes

Well, payday is here so my paycheck has come and gone with all the bills! But that’s the way it goes.🙂 Oh well, as long as I have some extra for fun. I watched Angel Eyes a few nights ago. I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, but I have to say she is a good actress. I think she did an excellent job in this movie, but I was expecting something different. The previews all made this movie seem like it was a big mystery story that something bad was going to happen, so when I sat down and watched a romance, I was a little thrown. It was a good movie, just not what I was expecting.